style focus | perfectly paired prints

One of the hottest Spring trends that is sure to spark fear in even the most avid fashionistas is prints.  But fear not!  This season’s runways were bursting with perfectly paired prints.  Designers showed consumers how to mix and match patterns to easily avoid the crazy lady  look. From exotic ikat motifs to bold graphic designs, prints were piled on with ‘anything-goes’ ease.

The same trends can be translated to the home.  Vivid, analogous colors and bold prints can be paired to create slightly maximalist, but always admirable looks.

Remember the following Mixing, Matching, and Getting it Right techniques:

  • Plan and experiment: Start gradually. Begin with a vibrant pillow, then as the shade grows on you, consider where else you can tie it in. When you’re comfortable with the color, try it on one wall.
  • Pick prints you love: Select a large-scale print with several colors since this will give you multiple options for mixing and matching. Then, each pattern you subsequently choose should be gradually smaller. Don’t go too small, however, since the pattern will tend to look washed-out from a distance. Also, each pattern should be distinct from the others but not overwhelm them.
  • Don’t overdo color: The fabrics should build off the colors in your original large-scale print. In rooms with many patterns, keep a narrower color scheme.
  • Vary texture: Texture can create visual depth, but it’s the tactile qualities that foster interaction.
  • Create balance: Counter big, bold patterns with areas of solid color or neutrals. The more patterns you mix in a room, the more you need to layer in visual relief. Use solids to maintain harmony and highlight the patterns.

Design strategies and images: Kit Kemp via Elle Decor