style focus | monochrome manic

As I perused through recaps of Paris fashion week, I was absolutely color shocked when I saw the Elie Saab’s Spring 2012 collection.  The stunning pieces included subtle features that were so beautifully exaggerated by the collection’s minimal color palette.  Pearly beiges, warm yellows and oranges, and deep-hued greens and blues were the backdrop for dramatic sequins, feminine lace, languid silohuettes, ‘holy legs!” slits, and ‘omjeesh that’s low’ necklines.  The collection of colors provided the perfect jumping off point for these standout features, which, alone, would have fallen short.

Got me do you use this approach in the home?  Check it…

House Beautiful Magazine. The cararra marble floor and crisp white walls serve as a reference point for the perfectly aged limed oak cabinets. The sheer white pleated shower curtain adds etherial peacefulness, creating a perfect calm as you enter the room.

Stephen Sills Associates. This is a perfect example of the monochromatic appeal. Every piece in the room is in keeping with the delicious, lemony warmth. Even the heavy curtains are instantly softened and lightened by the airy, sunny disposition conveyed by the space.

Sheila Bridges. Soothing oranges envelop the whimsical details of this room. I especially love the the collection of little slippers...makes me wonder what the rest of the rooms have to offer.

Veranda Magazine. Umm, GORGE!!! I'm obsessed with this room. The flirty green window treatments and cool graphite walls are beautifully showcased against the relaxed linen chairs and neutral floor. The gold textured chandelier adds charm and a rustic, yet elegant feel.

Amanda Nisbet Design. The high-gloss walls create visual interest in this room and add a surprising element of lightness when juxtaposed with the plush velvet blue chairs.