A Vested Interest

I’ve been rocking my faux fur vest (that I got on major sale from Ann Taylor Loft) for a couple years now. This little baby has an instant knack for glamming up everything and has quickly become my wear-anywhere staple.  Recently, I began experimenting with my styling game by going beyond the usual layer-over-a-sweater look and trying to pair the vest with more unexpected pieces.  Check out my easy equations for two simple, yet unique looks that will inspire a fur takeover in your life, faux sure!

Vested Interest

high glamour kitchen makeover

In my family, the kitchen is the heart of our home. My mom is the most amazing cook, each day creating delectable dishes that make it impossible to leave any crumbs behind. Whether it’s holidays, birthdays, Sunday dinners, or the mid-week pastry pick-me-up, my mom continuously infuses the kitchen with gorgeous tastes and scents.

What was not gorge? The outdated kitchen. Minimal color, lifeless features, and a hindered layout configuration… not cute. Check out the drab befores:

To revamp the room and add some high glamour style, we brought in warm tones, mixed textures, dramatic lighting, stainless steel statements, and clean finishes. The result? Traditional and inviting meets sleek sophistication.

Check out the Design in Decor Design Gallery for more images!

a faux moment

It started with the boots (with the fur, with the fur!), and now, seasons later, faux fur statements a la Rachel Zoe are around every corner! Here are a few ba.na.nas ideas for incorporating fur into your home. Sprinkle these items sparingly throughout your space and mix with subtle colors or harsher textures to offset the uber luxe pieces.