designer crush

I am no stranger to a good girl crush.  That moment when you spot something so intriguing and admirable in a girl that you instantly want need to BE her.  Or, at least, be friends with her.  A girl crush could be sparked by anything really.  It could the way a girl manages to look so cute at the gym in her Wunder Under pants even at 6am (true story…one of my most recent girl crushes) or her ability stand tall in the board room, while never losing her sense of self and compassion. We’ve all had these moments, right?

Well, just like girl crushes, there are designer crushes.  My current designer crushes are Anastasia Ratia and Lilly Bunn.  It just so happens that they are also girls.  Girlsigner crushes.  No?  …No, probably not.

Anastasia Ratia



Lilly Bunn

Lilly Bunn 1

Lilly Bunn 2 Lilly Bunn 3

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home envy

Fashion designer Jenni Kayne is known for her refined take on American sportswear – looks that are uncomplicated yet impeccably sleek.  So when it comes to her home, it is no wonder her space exudes an emphatic sense of “soft modernism.”  I really love the scenes she and her realtor husband created in their Beverly Hills home.  They play perfectly upon the balance of scale and proportion, the seamless integration of modern and natural elements, and the continuous incorporation of easy sophistication.

Check out this AD article for more details.

jenni kayne 1 jenni kayne 2 jenni kayne 13 jenni kayne 12 jenni kayne 11 jenni kayne 10 jenni kayne 8 jenni kayne 7 jenni kayne 6 jenni kayne 3

Tinsel Garland Drink Stirrer

photo (16)

Don’t pack up those Christmas decorations just yet!   Use your leftover tinsel garland to add a little pep to your punch with this easy DIY drink stirrer!




  1. Use a hot glue gun to place some glue on the top of a bamboo skewer. 
  2. Attach the end of the garland to the glue on the skewer.
  3. Wrap the garland around the skewer once.
  4. Cut the garland and adjust the cut end into the skewer.
  5. Drop into your cocktail, stir, and enjoy!

tinsel 5

photo (15)

color of the year

Last week, Pantone announced Emerald as the 2013 color of the year.  The color is so lively and strong…it is the perfect addition to elements in both your home and your closet.  See last year’s color here.

Source: via Katy on Pinterest

Source: via Liza on Pinterest

wrap it up

I love using kraft paper for holiday gift wrapping.  It is so low in price and acts as a perfect backdrop for those little details that add that extra special touch.  Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Add some pine and twine.  (Source)

gift 1

gift 2 gift 3

Add some sparkle.  (Source)

gift 5 gift 4

Add a duct tape bow.  (Source)

gift 6

Add a handwritten thought.  (Source)

gift 7

Add some more sparkle.  (Source)

gift 9 gift 8

Add some neon office stickers.  (Source)

gift 12

Add some ruffles.  (Source)

gift 14 gift 13

Add some gold glam.  (Source)

gift 11 gift 10

A Vested Interest

I’ve been rocking my faux fur vest (that I got on major sale from Ann Taylor Loft) for a couple years now. This little baby has an instant knack for glamming up everything and has quickly become my wear-anywhere staple.  Recently, I began experimenting with my styling game by going beyond the usual layer-over-a-sweater look and trying to pair the vest with more unexpected pieces.  Check out my easy equations for two simple, yet unique looks that will inspire a fur takeover in your life, faux sure!

Vested Interest

Tips from a J.Crew Stylist

Do you guys ever get struck by a burst of excitement as you walk up to a J.Crew store?  Strolling by the window scapes, gaining inspiration with each step towards the door as you gaze upon the impeccably styled mannequins all displaying that perfect balance of color, texture, and patterns, looks that scream chic… yet staple, bold… yet subtle, modern… yet classic, and on and on. That’s not just me, right?

There’s something so special about J.Crew styling.  Having worked in one of their retail stores while in college (best part-time job ever), I know first hand how meticulous and detailed the styling is with each start of the new season.  For example, with J.Crew, it’s not just about simply untucking a shirt…its about making a normally stiff-looking button down look effortlessly loose and non-sterile by non-nonchalantly half-tucking.  It’s that unexpected, almost ironic, juxtaposition of styling elements that create such desirable intrigue.  It’s no wonder I always want literally every item in the store.

I recently stumbled upon this article that shares some tips from a J.Crew stylist.  Finally!  Their secrets are revealed.  Below are some of my favorite tips.  And by the way, I tried the sleeve roll trick today in the office, and I gotta say, so easy and so chic!

Style Tip 1: How to Roll a Sleeve

Sleeve 1

“Most people tuck the cuff of the sleeve in and roll that up, but the cuff is a fun detail on the outfit….so….take the cuff and bring it up to the elbow… THEN roll the remaining part of the sleeve up to the elbow. This way the cuff is always showing.”

sleeve 3sleeve 4

Style Tip 2: Invest in Nude Shoes

Nude 1

“Nude shoes are more versatile and you can wear with any outfit! In the winter, they look great with black, charcoal or other dark tights, as well.”  They’re also elongating.

Nude 2

Style Tip 3: Buy an Oversized Belt

belt 1

“Borrow belts from the boys. Find any vintage men’s belts from Good Will. It will balance an otherwise feminine outfit. The larger the belt, the smaller it will make you look!”

Style Tip 4: The Half Tuck

Half Tuck 1

“Half tucked shirts help outfits to feel a little less overdone.”

Style Tip 5: Add Some Long Necklaces

Necklace 1

“The longer the necklace, the taller you will look. It elongates your outfit. Add multiple necklaces for a layered look.  In case you have a bunch of short necklaces, tie ribbon to them to make them a longer necklace. The ribbon can add color and texture to your outfit.”

Necklace 2

Style Tip 6: How to Roll a Messy Cuff

Jeans 3

“Make your denim a little edgier by rolling it up.  Then take the outside edge and roll it once more.”

Jeans 1Jeans 2

Jeans 4

All pictures and tips from here.

Target + Neiman Marcus Collaboration

t+nmThe Target and Neiman Marcus collaboration collection goes on sale TOMORROW!  The retail powerhouses partnered to pull together a collection of more than 50 gift by designers like Alice + Olivia, Altuzarra, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Prabal Gurung, and so many more.  These are some of my favorite picks, but check out the complete collection here!

pivot doors are everything

Pardon me while I continue to take my queue from my initial diatribe and further my ode to… doors.

In my management consulting day job, we are taught to make a distinct impact with the solutions we present to our clients.  This advice can so easily be parlayed beyond the board room and into the world of personal and interior style.   I think that every style moment needs impact.  There has to be that certain je ne sais quoi that knocks onlookers’ socks off. A forceful shock that influences the entire design.

Taking this logic the home entryways, I believe you cannot go wrong with over-sized pivot doors.  Drama?  Check.  Subtle etherealness?  Check.  Wow factor?  Major check.  These doors give such a grand aura from the moment you walk up, push that discrete handle, and gaze upon the undertones of unique functionality that are so beautifully enhanced by killer modern lines.

Take a look at this collection of my favorite pivot scenes.  These all officially knock my socks off!