pipe down!

Keeping up with all the latest mod fads: crazy expensive!  (Keeping up with those Kardashians: crazy addicting!  Seriously, Khloe and Lamar (and Rob) can’t get into my DVR fast enough!)

Having a contemporary closet and casa is great, but tough on the wallet.  It seems like the simpler the design, the more complex your financing justifications become (hahahhha…crying).

Still don’t give up those dreams quite yet- there are ways to infuse sleek designs without breaking the bank!  Remember that taste trumps excess, so you can start with smaller accent objects.

For example, check out this coffee table I made, inspired by Antonio Ballatore on the Antonio Treatment.  The electric energy of the geometric design gives such a welcoming jolt when you enter the room.  My guests have all been obsessed and my living room has now become compliment central (oh stop…keep going).

To make this table, all you need to do is cut different sizes of PVC pipes into random lengths.  Make sure you have 4-5 pipes of equal height.   These pipes will act as “anchors” and should equal the desired height of your table.  Glue the pipes together with PVC cement, randomly placing the different sizes and lengths together.  Place the anchor pipes near the corners of the table.  Once you have achieved your desired dimensions, let the pipes dry over night.  For extra security, it is helpful to carefully strap a ratchet tie down around the structure.  When the cement is dry, spray paint the pipes for a fresh, clean look.  Place a glass slab on top.  Then voila! GORGE piece of DIY art!

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